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Awesome tour of the Louvre

We had a wonderful day touring the Louvre in what ended up being a private tour for us. With the Louvre being so absolutely enormous we knew that we needed a tour guide to guide us through and explain some history to us. Callaway was just the man for the job and he really was wonderful. He was descriptive without being excessive and navigated us through the museum like the pro that he was. His enthusiasm for the museum was obvious and he really made our tour a learning and fun filled day.

Jesse L · Sept 11, 2016 · TripAdvisor

Very informative tour of the Louvre

Calloway, our guide, was a very knowledgeable and experienced person and tailored our tour to share his enthusiasm for what can be an overwhelming environment to decide what you should see at the Louvre.

James B · September 1, 2016 · TripAdvisor

So good we came back for more!

We had such a fantastic experience on our Catacombs tour that after we booked a Louvre tour for the next day. The guides were different but both were lively, attentive, and kept us so engaged that the time flew by. We were especially relieved that the groups were small (5 people each time) and both guides managed the group dynamic well, while also finding time to speak to us individually. Overall, very impressed and highly recommended.

Lorna G · July 3, 2016 · TripAdvisor

Crème de la crème

I had a great tour of the Louvre with our guide. He was really sweet and enthusiastic. He arrived on time – that counts a lot when you are short in time – and really knew his art. Thank you for the great time.

Renato C · June 10, 2016 · TripAdvisor

Tour of the Louvre

Myself and my wife booked the group tour of the Louvre, with Le Paris Tours. We had an amazing guide in Calloway, who was friendly, attentive and extremely knowledgable about the Louvre, it’s history, and the many works contained within. We were extremely fortunate that we were the only members of the group, and had a de facto private tour.

Calloway is a fantastic guide – he was humorous and interesting, and ensured that he paced the tour to meet our needs. He also provided some recommendations on places to eat around the area, as well as some other places in Paris that we might want to visit during our stay.

The Louvre is a massive place, with so much to see – having a knowledgable and insightful guide ensured that our time there (4 hours and we could have been there much longer) was well spent and productive.

Steve P · April 29, 2016 · TripAdvisor

3 wonderful tours with Le Paris Tours

We took 3 tours with Le Paris – one of the Catacombs, the Louvre, and Versailles. All of the tours we took were fun, well organized, and very educational. Our tour guides were Miguel, Francoise, and Vadim. Each of our groups were small (less than 10 people) so it was easy to get all of our questions answered. We loved the Catacombs the most! I hesitated to book these tours based on some of the earlier reviews, but am glad I did – each of the meeting points were easy to find, and our guides were there waiting each time.

Rachel E · July 17, 2012 · TripAdvisor

Private intimate tour of the Louvre with Vadim

We booked this tour for the Louvre in advance and found out my husband and I were the only ones in it. It was amazing to have our tour guide Vadim take us to any wing we wanted. He was very knowledgeable and well spoken. He also had a great sense of humor which made the tour that much more interesting. Vadim described the history of Paris very well in addition to the artists which made the tour very well rounded. It’s like having a friend show you around. Be prepared to walk a lot, we went an hour over. It was really nice having such an intimate setting especially when you see crowds of people following their tour guides holding umbrellas in the air so they can be see by the whole group. Highly recommended!

Formiga M · July 6, 2012 · TripAdvisor

Louvre Tour

Wonderful tour of the Louvre – can’t recommend Le Paris Tours enough!

Emma A · September 21, 2011 · TripAdvisor

Small group and an amazing guide

We did not want to tour the Louvre with a large group of people so we chose Le Paris Tours from reading the reviews here. Our choice did not disappoint! We had a small group of only 8 of us and we went in late November. Our guide, Fred, was extremely knowledgeable but you could also feel the passion he had for the Louvre.

Fred did an excellent job of taking his time, while not rushing through despite covering so much of the art work there. He pointed out more than just the highlights, including some of the hidden, obscure things that we would have never found. He was able to answer all of our questions, and gave a lot of insight into each one.

We never lost anyone and even had the opportunity to take some time on our own to take in the works there. After the tour, he suggested other areas of the Louvre to explore and how long it would take. He also stayed as long as we had questions for him. If you can, request Fred!

Kym L · February 18, 2011 · TripAdvisor

An outstanding Louvre experience!

There’s so much I could say about my first Louvre visit with Le Paris Tours… I had an amazing tour experience I wasn’t really expecting. Their guide Sabino was so passionate and full of interesting historical and esthetic insights all presented in a way that not only pleased us and kept us hungry for more, but other random museum goers as well!!! I will always be thankful to Le Paris Tours for providing me with such an incredible introduction to the Louvre! I can’t wait to be back, I will certainly request Sabino to show me the parts of the museum we didn’t have time to go through and share his knowledge and love of art with us. Definitely recommended!

Sggilah · February 15, 2011 · TripAdvisor

Brilliant guides with our Le Paris tours – definitely worth it!

Our touring experience with our guide exceeded our expectations. We took 3 private tours of Paris with them (Essentials, Louvre, and Versailles) and had 3 wonderful guides for each tour. Their guides were brilliant, funny, and helped us navigate seemingly impossible attractions. I would not hesitate to hire them again, especially given how overwhelming the Louvre and Versailles would have been had we tried to visit them without guides. Request David if you can – he´s fantastic!

Vicki L · February 10, 2011 · TripAdvisor

Touring the Louvre was amazing

Our tour of the Louvre over Christmas week in Paris was fantastic. We had a wonderful guide, and a truly firsthand Louvre experience. We weren’t sure about locating the meeting point, but their directions were spot on. Everything about our tour was great – quick responses to our emails, and a great tour guide.

Jasyon N · January 8, 2011 · TripAdvisor

Fantastic tour of the Louvre

Went to Paris in late November and booked a tour with Le Paris. Our tour of the Louvre was fantastic – our guide was amazing, full of fun facts and interesting insights.

Sarah B · December 26, 2010 · TripAdvisor

The best tour of the Louvre you can go on!

Being our first time to Paris, we did not walk to aimlessly walk the Louvre with the masses of other tourists and group bookings. After researching we discovered Le Paris Tours, the tour guide supplied was FANTASTIC. It was like having the museum curator walking around with us, he explained everything from the detailed history of the pieces, to the basic French history behind some of the items. He was kind, funny, and turned it into a 3 and a half hour adventure rather than dragging yourself throughout a typical museum.

Be aware, they spend very little time at the Mona Lisa, and the other “main” attractions because there are so many other great treasures to see, these two are relatively minor in comparison to other great pieces… stick with the other 4 DaVinci pieces that everyone else walks right by, they are better anyhow!

One more thing, we booked at the group rate, and it was just me and my wife… personal tour of the Louvre, at the group rate price!

Henry B · June 12, 2010 · TripAdvisor

Great experience!!

I found Le Paris Tours while checking out TripAdvisor and was impressed by all of the good reviews… however I was concerned because neither my travel agent nor the concierge at the Hilton hotel where we stayed had ever heard of them. I was also amazed by the reasonable prices for the tours offered – especially the private ones. I took a chance and was impressed by the customer service I received from our tour manager. I booked the private Louvre tour and the private Versailles tour for my family of four. Francoise, our tour guide, was great! She was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. She took us to the Metro and walked us through the process – a lesson that was invaluable for the rest of the trip. We previously had no intentions of using the Metro but found it to be the easiest, best and most economical way to get around Paris! Both of our tours were all that I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend Le Paris Tours to anyone who is visiting Paris and I look forward to working with them again when I return!

Mary B · August 21, 2009 · TripAdvisor

Favourite touring experience

My husband and I traveled to Paris in February and had a lovely tour of the Louvre with our guide. We were able to skip the queue, which had been particular long the morning we were there. What a museum! I could have spent an entire day simply wandering the endless halls. Our guide kept out visit manageable and interesting.

Renata D · March 24, 2009 · TripAdvisor